We're in the News!

We are thankful every time we’re mentioned in the press and presented with an award. Here’s a few recent pieces worth highlighting.

Recent Recognitions


Here at StickerGiant, we value being a great place to work. We are excited to announce that we have been recognized as one of BuiltIn's 2022 Best Places to Work in Colorado!




Denver-Business-Journal-Logo-for-StickerGiant-Press-and-Media-PageCreating a great place to work is a company-wide team effort at StickerGiant, and this year we were honored to be ranked as the 6th Best Place to Work in Colorado by the Denver Business Journal. 


Colorado-Manufacturers-Award-Logo-for-StickerGiant-press-page-mention-for-winning-this-award-in-2020This year we were honored to win the Colorado Manufacturers Award for Advanced Manufacturing and Machining, for our continuous improvement efforts in everything we do from our daily operations, to our infrastructure and most importantly our people. 



In celebration of National Sticker Day, Saul got to be a part of the spotlight and join the news team on 9News and KDVR in Denver, CO in January. We were honored to have the opportunity to share our celebration of National Sticker Day with these fun news teams!


Inc_-Icon-for-Press-Mentions-of-StickerGiantInc. Magazine is a weekly publication that focuses on both growing startups and small to medium businesses. Every year they highlight the fastest growing companies in the United States, and we’re honored to be on the list for two years in a row. 

Inc. Magazine Awards: 2018 | 2019 | 2020


Colorado-Companies-to-Watch-Logo-for-press-mentions-of-StickerGiantThis year, we were also honored to be named one of the top Colorado Companies to Watch, an annual award recognizing businesses of all sizes that are helping to fuel the economic strength of Colorado. 



As a fast growing company, we were also named one of the Top 5 Businesses in the Greater Denver Area in 2018 by the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce.



This business magazine began their annual Small Giants award in 2015, honoring “standout businesses that favor greatness over growth”. We won the honor of making this list in 2017! You can read our blog, see more in the Small Giants 2017 Slideshow, and watch the Small Giants 2017 Video for more on this story. 

Saul the Sticker Ball and National Sticker Day are Kind of a Big Deal

As a way to honor the history of stickers, in 2016 StickerGiant helped create National Sticker Day with the National Day Calendar, for January 13. 

In 2017 StickerGiant created Saul, and set the first record for the World’s Largest Sticker Ball, and he even won the Guinness World Records Book. Saul was even featured in the book in 2018. Since then, Saul has grown even larger with his family of Giants, and when he can, he always makes sure connect with his fans as the honorary greeter at StickerGiant Headquarters. 

As a growing celebrity, Saul has been spotted in a couple features along the way. Check these out in Laughing Squid and Mashable

Back In the Day

We have a history that dates back to the year 2000, and there’s been plenty of press as we’ve grown. The last four years have been quite a ride as we’ve scaled. Let’s turn back the clock for some greatest hits.

2016 was a big year. Saul won the record for the World’s Largest Sticker Ball, we saw a number of amazing press features (like Forbes Magazine and our local news the Longmont Times Call), plus we moved our factory from Hygiene to Longmont. 

Saul Getting Weighed in on Record Day (video) | Colorado Independent

USA Today | Denver Post | Company Week 


  • Longmont Times Call story on our move to our new facility, from Hygiene to Longmont, CO. 

  • Our open book management practices got us noticed for an article in Inc. Magazine, with a quote from John Fischer, our CEO and Visionary. 

  • In 2014, John Fischer talked with Forbes in this article about some of the questions he has asked potential employees when building the teams at StickerGiant. 

  • Stickers got us noticed by Forbes back in 2012 for the many ways companies can use them to brand their packages for an entire shipping experience.

  • As a local startup in Boulder, CO during the 2004 elections, Business Wire featured us and the bumper stickers that got it all started for StickerGiant.