Glossy Labels

Great For Labeling Products

Minimum quantity is 125 labels, prices start at $106.13 depending on size

Glossy Labels are our most popular choice for custom labels, and are finished with a glossy laminate to protect your designs. These labels are ideal for indoor use and product packaging.


More About Glossy Labels

Glossy Labels will hold up strong against oils and are water-resistant once applied, making them ideal for food labels for a variety of items including packaged foods, ice creams, and drinks. We commonly see these labels used for beer, bakeries, and even local honey companies wanting to personalize their packaging.

More on Printing Glossy Labels:

Our printing process provides detailed designs, and we are able to print font sizes as small as 5pt, for fine details such as ingredients, weights, and important product information. The laminate is permanently applied after printing for added protection. When finished these labels will be one layer and they can only be printed on the front facing surface and will always have a back-facing adhesive.

All of our labels will be cut with rounded corners due to our production process (lasers can do a lot of cool things, but going around sharp corners isn’t their specialty). Rounded corners also help prevent peeling once your labels are applied, for a strong hold. Our typical corner radius will be 1/8" (0.125"). Depending on your shape and designs, we can cut tighter corners with a radius of 1/25" (0.04"). A lot of our customers getting square or rectangle shapes for their labels prefer tighter corners for their designs.

If you want us to cut tighter corners for your labels, just let us know in the Additional Comments when submitting your order, and our Art Team will look at your artwork and let you know if tight corners are possible with your designs. To learn more about setting up your label files and getting them ready for printing as labels, check out our How to Print Labels page.

Application Tips for Glossy Labels:

We recommend applying them to smooth, clean, dry surfaces to avoid debris or bubbles getting applied underneath your labels. However, if you’re using them on wet bottles or cans, they will apply strong with some water droplets still present. These labels will work well on smooth bottles, jars, or cans, and are often used for beer and beverage labels. Check out our How to Apply Labels page for other tips on how to apply labels.

Please note, our labels do not stretch well over heavily textured or sphere-like surfaces, such as the top edges of a mason jar. They will work best when applied to a smooth surface that curves in one direction. For example these labels work best on the smooth spots intended for labels on mason jars, or the surface of a smooth glass bottle or can.

The glossy finish on these labels is not the best for writing on with markers or pens. If you are looking for labels you can use across multiple products and customize by writing on them, please check out our Matte Labels! Not sure if Glossy or Matte Labels will be best for your labeling needs? Check out our page on all the differences between Matte & Glossy Labels to learn more, or see all of our custom labels here!