Matte Paper Labels

Custom Matte Recycled Paper Labels for Products & Packaging

125 Custom Matte Recycled Paper Labels, prices starting at $106.69

Custom Matte Recycled Paper Labels have a smooth, matte finish and are printed on a sustainably sourced recycled vellum material, meaning they will compliment your packaging and products with style. 

Examples of Custom Matte Recycled Paper Labels printed by StickerGiant



The clean white material for these custom labels is made from post-consumer recycled materials, and sustainably sourced materials, for a perfect compliment to your eco-friendly products. With a permanent adhesive and a protective varnish, these recycled labels are ready for nearly any indoor application and packaging need.

Matte Recycled Paper Labels offer a premium custom paper label option for your packaging and branding needs. The glare free, smooth finish is great for a variety of uses, and the paper material of these labels tears easily, and making them a great option for any products you want to have tamper evident qualities. Try using them with food items getting packaged for on the go meals, or to seal fresh tubes of lip gloss. 

Matte Paper Labels will also be great for any times you need to write on your labels. With thesee adhesive paper labels, you will be able to write on them with permanent marker, ball point pen, or use a hand stamp for those products with expiration dates your customers should know about. Due to the varnish, avoid water soluble inks such as felt tip pens