Custom Oval Bumper Stickers

With Outdoor Durability to Let Your Designs Travel

125 Custom Oval Bumper Stickers, prices starting at $93.02

Custom oval stickers offer a classic shape that is perfect for framing your designs. This shape is well known for the popular black and white bumper stickers proudly sharing travel destinations or marathons people have participated in, with bold designs. 


Examples of Custom Oval Stickers printed by StickerGiant

More About Custom Oval Stickers

Ovals are also a great shape for window stickers and event stickers, turning phrases, artwork, and logos into traveling billboards with your fans. Custom oval stickers and labels can be cut to sizes you need in dimensions up to 11x14 inches. From long and skinny ovals to fit your logos or branded designs, to large and wide ovals that can be seen from a distance, you get just what you need. Try your designs in oval stickers as vertical or horizontal layouts, for even more flexibility with your custom oval stickers.

You can also try custom oval stickers or labels for branded packaging to make a lasting impression at every point of purchase with your customers. Stick them on boxes, bags, envelopes, or anything that leaves with your customers after the point of purchase!