High Quality Custom Stickers

Design your own stickers and we'll print them!

We have three custom sticker products for you to choose from, and every one of them will bring your brand to life in a unique way. Discover more about the different custom stickers we offer, and how they fit your sticker needs below.

Every sticker printed at StickerGiant will share these great qualities:


All Custom Stickers


Die Cut Stickers

These are our most popular custom made stickers. Die Cut Stickers are always finished individually, and will have a split backing for easy peeling and applying. This means you won’t have to struggle with the spot where the edge of the backing meets the stickers, just give these stickers a slight fold and the backing will easily peel away. Die Cut Stickers are available with a Glossy or Matte finish, your choice. See product details.



Kiss Cut Stickers

Kiss Cut Stickers have the same great qualities as our Die Cut Stickers, but will be finished with a larger square backing that you can see surrounding your sticker design. The wider backing is ideal for delicate designs, or sticker designs with rounded edges that you know you'll want to have stacked or propped up for display. Choose from Glossy or Matte laminations for the finish that goes with your sticker designs best! See product details.



Clear Stickers

Sometimes it's good to be transparent. By printing your custom stickers on a clear, transparent material that is. With Clear Stickers, any part of your sticker that is NOT your design, will be transparent, allowing the surface it's applied on to show through. Clear Stickers are popular as window stickers, and can be printed with your choice of a back facing or front facing adhesive for versatility in how these stickers get applied. See product details.



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