Custom Clear Stickers

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125 Custom Clear Stickers, prices starting at $99.19

Clear stickers are perfect for storefront doors, car windows, and so much more. These custom transparent stickers are able to be applied with front or back adhesive, and with full color options including white ink, your Clear logo stickers are certain to stand out from the crowd!


More About Clear Stickers

The choice to print Clear Stickers couldn’t be more…transparent. From presenting your clear logo stickers on the front facing windows of your business to a unique back window sticker for your car, Clear Stickers offer versatility and help your design pop! Clear Stickers work well as a heavy-duty option for an item you’re looking to label, like an outdoor-durable product.

More on Printing Clear Stickers

For the best results with Clear Stickers, we’ll need your file type setup in either an SVG, or a PNG with a transparent background. This way, we can add a layer of white ink behind your design, and only your design, to make your stickers really pop.

If you prefer to have a transparent look in your designs, just let us know in the Additional Comments, and we can skip the extra layer of white behind your artwork. Please note: when we do this, it will give your artwork a transparent stained glass effect.

To learn more about how you can set up your own artwork for Clear Stickers, visit our Artwork Page.

Did you know that you can get your Clear Stickers finished as individual stickers or on a roll? Let us know if you want them done on a roll in the comments when you place your order.

Clear Stickers can be applied with a front or back facing adhesiveApplication Tips for Clear Stickers

Clear Sticker are unique because…well, they’re clear! That means that you’ll be able to see every little detail of the sticker - including the surface underneath. You’ll want to set yourself up for success when applying your Clear Stickers, and we’ve got a few tips to help you out on our How to Apply Clear Labels page.

Front vs. Back Adhesive Application

Front-facing application of Clear Stickers on a glass option for indoor placement on a front-facing window means you’re protecting your sticker from the elements (think super hot heat or frigid cold temperatures!) From showcasing features of your space to spotlighting affiliations or accepted forms of payment, front-adhesive Clear Stickers are a great way to show off what your business is doing (from the inside out!)

Back-facing Clear Stickers are similar to a traditional sticker application - just peel and stick to show off the design! The cool part about Clear Stickers with back adhesive is that your sticker can show off the product behind the sticker itself. Imagine a Clear Sticker on top of a wooden table, showcasing the wood grain through the sticker. Neat! Having a Clear Sticker applied with back adhesive means you’re getting a sticker with multiple looks - now that’s more bang for your buck.

For more information on front versus back adhesive application for your Clear Stickers, check out our information page!