Die Cut Stickers

Free Custom Shapes with Crack & Peel Backing

125 Custom Die Cut Stickers, prices starting at $93.02

Die Cut Stickers are available in Matte or Glossy finishes! Get full color printing, great customer service and fast turnaround when you order our laser Die Cut Stickers. Featuring durable materials and a crack and peel backing, these custom cut out stickers make a lasting impression.

Stacks of Die Cut Stickers printed by StickerGiant

More About Die Cut Stickers

Did you know that Die Cut Stickers refer to the way that a sticker is cut? A laser (yes, THAT type of laser) cuts out all of our Glossy Die Cut and Matte Die Cut Stickers, leaving no frayed edges and super clean lines for application. They’re outdoor durable, meaning whether you select Glossy or Matte Finish for your stickers, they’ll hold up to the elements (and a 12-18 month durability on Matte). Die Cut Stickers are great tool to brand your business. From sales at front of house to events and giveaways, everyone loves stickers! Select your own unique shape - there’s no fee attached to custom die cut shapes.

Looking for stickers with visible backing to peel from, or looking to print a sticker smaller than 1” x 1”? Check out our Kiss Cut Stickers!

More on Printing Die Cut Stickers

Printing your Die Cut Stickers with StickerGiant is as easy as creating your artwork, uploading it to our website, and approving your design! Die Cut Stickers all have three specifications needed to get you your perfect custom shaped sticker.

Select a Custom Size for Your Custom Die Cut StickerOnce you select Die Cut Stickers, you’ll choose whether you want Glossy or Matte lamination. Glossy lamination is bright, bold, and shiny, while Matte lamination is soft both in how it looks and feels. Then, you’ll select your Die Cut Sticker shape. From our pre-set shape options like circle, square, or even bumper sticker, and even custom shapes, you’ll never pay extra for whatever shape you choose! Then, you’ll choose your size. Select from our popular sizes option, or pick one for yourself. You can print a Die Cut sticker all the way down to 1 x 1", and all the way up to 11 x 14". You’ll also select your custom quantity, starting at 125 stickers.

From there, you’ll upload your art file (you can always skip uploading your artwork and return to that later!), then receive a proof to approve that shows what your sticker will look like as it’s sent to the printers where the magic happens! For more information on how to set up your art file, check out our Artwork guidelines.

Don’t forget that we can print Die Cut Sticker Sheets, which feature more than one sticker on a sheet!

Application Tips for Die Cut Stickers

Die Cut Stickers are available in multiple custom shapes and sizesDie Cut Stickers are the perfect purchase for you if you’re looking for a promotional item that lasts. From notebooks to laptops, car bumpers and packaging seals, Die Cut Stickers are the surprise and delight your customers want. The simple crack-and-peel backing of our Die Cut Stickers, along with their smooth edges, make application to flat surfaces as easy as peel, stick, and go. Pressing down from one peeled end and laying the sticker flat ensures a secure application with no bubbles. We don’t recommend you use Die Cut Stickers on rounded surfaces, like your favorite basketball or a bowl. Their shape fits best on flat surfaces. If you’re looking for a die cut label option, check out our Custom Product Labels. 

As for other sticker options, if you need your stickers to stack, some custom shapes may not stack evenly without a wider backing. Or, you may want a delicate shape for your sticker with many small curves or cuts. If that's the case, Kiss Cut Stickers may be the perfect choice for you!

Check out all of our sticker options here, or start customizing your Die Cut Stickers today!