Industries & Uses for Stickers & Labels

See the many ways to use custom stickers and labels

There are endless ways to use custom stickers and labels for businesses and products. Find ways we see customers use their stickers and labels in different industries and ways.

Pizza boxes and bags of candy with custom labels
Die Cut Logo Sticker that says Without Daisy - Sticker printed by StickerGiant

Logo Stickers

Printing logos on stickers is by far one of the most common ways we see Die Cut, Kiss Cut, and Clear Stickers getting used. Choose from a standard shape, or opt for a custom shape and highlight the design of your logo with the outline of your stickers.


Bottle of juice with a custom label and a roll of glossy labels next to it - products printed by StickerGiant

Custom Bottle Labels

Custom labels work great for bottles of juices, cans of seltzer, and more. Check out Glossy or Matte Labels for a more durable option that is resistant to waters and oils once applied. Or Paper Labels if you want an option that can be torn for adding a tamper-evident feature to your packaging.


Bottle of Moon City cold brew coffee with a custom label printed by StickerGiant

Custom Coffee Labels and Stickers

Branding bags of coffee, bottles of cold brew, or handing out your logo to dedicated coffee fans is even more fun with your own professionally printed stickers and labels. Paper Labels can be used to seal bottles of cold brew or lattes for a quick safety seal while your customers are on the go. Glossy or Matte Labels are perfect for anything that will be refrigerated or frozen or have some condensation such as frozen or blended drinks.


Roll of Stickers that say Half Moon on them printed by StickerGiant

Rolled Quick Stickers

Getting your Kiss Cut Stickers finished on rolls is ideal anytime you want to keep stickers stored on a wall, make them easy to tear and share, or sell as individual stickers, and keep them all easy to see at the same time. We see quite a few adorable scrap book shops, retail stores, and many other brands using different stickers to add flair to their packaging opting to have their stickers finished on rolls.


Custom beer logo stickers and a can labeled with products printed by StickerGiant

Brewery Labels and Stickers

Get custom labels for your cans, crowlers, bottles, and tap handles to bring your brand anywhere. Custom stickers are amazing for letting your fans show off their favorite brewery and become your best brand advocates in the wild.


Cupcake box with custom label printed by StickerGiant

Custom Bakery Labels & Stickers

Adorn cupcake and cake boxes with a custom label and watch your brand leave with every cake or yummy treat you sell. Paper Labels are a great option on to-go bags for customers taking their treats on the run, and we love how Clear Labels look on clear cake boxes, letting your brand and the sweet treats inside get equal attention.


Guitar case with band stickers printed by StickerGiant

Band Logo Stickers

One of the original ways of using a custom sticker, bands have been handing out their logo stickers at concerts and performances since the beginning of stickers. Sticker Sheets also offer a fun way to give your fans a band logo sticker, while also sending them home with QR codes leading to your top music streaming platform to keep them listening after that live performance..


Examples of canned beverages with custom labels printed by StickerGiant for beers seltzers ciders and more

Custom Canned Drink Labels

It's not just craft beer getting canned in small batches for sales these days. Custom Labels with minimum quantities starting at 125 per design mean you can try new flavors in smaller batches for teas, juices, and even canned cocktails (seasonal flavors anyone?) and everything can have a custom design, brand, and personality.


WildCat takeout box with a custom paper label printed by StickerGIant

Food Labels

Matte or Glossy Paper Labels are a convenient way to add a tamper-evident feature to your to-go food bags, boxes, drink lids and more. Add some dotted lines to indicate where fold and tear areas should go for easy applications that will look professional and have your branding.


Custom Honey Stickers

Label your honey products with custom Glossy, Matte, or Clear Labels for a durable option that will wipe clean if they get some of the gooey honey on them after they are applied. Custom shapes mean you can get labels cut to the shape of your honey bottles, made to wrap around beeswax candles, or in the shape of honeycomb on top of clear boxes holding some sticky beeswax.


CBD tincture bottles with custom labels printed by StickerGiant

CBD & Cannabis Labels

Make your products stand out in a growing industry with custom labels that show your brand, and unique qualities of the CBD and cannabis products you have to offer. You can get custom sized labels to fit a variety of packaging sizes from small dropper bottles for tinctures to larger bottles for CBD lotions.


StickerGiant business cards printed as Die Cut Stickers

Business Card Stickers

Looking for a unique way to get your name to really stick at your next networking event or conference? Try printing your business cards as custom stickers, and watch the fun reactions you get every time you hand one out. If you want to get slightly fancy with it, you can also choose a Sticker Sheet shape and opt to have just your logo turned into a separate peel within the business card sticker itself.


Laptop Stickers

It's hard to find a laptop without at least one sticker showing off a brand, product, favorite artist, band or more. For all of the ways you can use stickers for an industry and brand, if your designs are fun and products are worth sharing, there's a chance your stickers will end up on a laptop. When stickers are intended for a laptop they are typically smaller, under 3" so they can go on the top, or inside next to the mousepad.


Campaign Stickers

Another historical use for stickers is campaign stickers. From the campaign process to when the votes get cast, stickers seem to be mixed into it all with supporters showing their candidate or cause to the classic "I voted" oval stickers handed out at nearly every voting location.


Sticker Sheet of an artists cactus designs ready to be sold as a sticker set

How Artists Can Use Stickers as Products

Custom stickers offer an affordable way for your patrons to purchase the art pieces of your's they love. Bonus, you might see your artwork on a car, window, or laptop in the wild and know it's getting appreciated everywhere it goes.


Donut Bot Name Tag Sticker with area to write name in center-Stickers printed by StickerGiant

Custom Name Tag Stickers

Adding your logo or a conversational prompt to name tag stickers is a fun way to kick off networking at a social event or make a lasting impression for your guests starting with the moment they sign in. Matte Stickers and Matte Labels can be written on with permanent markers, and Matte Recycled Paper Labels can be written on with a ballpoint pen for some convenient (and custom) options your guests can use at your next event.


Candle with a custom label printed by StickerGiant

Makers & DIY

Whether you are an entrepreneur just getting started with a few products, or you have an established brand, custom labels are an efficient way to make sure your products look professional and consistent every time.


Pizzaslice logo stickers and labels for a pizza festival

Stickers for Festivals and Events

There are so many ways to use custom stickers at events! Try Die Cut Stickers for hang tags that attendees can wear as an inexpensive option to event badges. Hand out stickers at booths with your logo so people can remember they met you, or try some fun options for kids at family friendly festivals or the next big pizza festival coming to town.


Health & Medical Products

Glossy, Clear, and Matte Labels work great for hand sanitizers, or packaging for health equipment. If you need a safety feature for your labels, check out Glossy Paper or Matte Recycled Paper Labels that can be designed with long edges that go over the lid and sides of supplement bottles.


Blue bulldog sticker with UPC code ready for sale in a retail store

How Retail Businesses Can Use Stickers as Products

Are you looking for a cheap point of sale product you can display at your registers? Turn Sticker Sheets into an all in one product by adding your logo, UPC code, and even pricing outside of the peels on the sheet for a fun travel souvenir that will venture far beyond your brick and mortar shop.