Custom Coffee Labels and Stickers

Turn your coffee drinkers into lifelong fans with custom labels and stickers.

From fresh roasted beans to incredible latte art and everything in between, your personal touch is on every part of your coffee brand. Just like all of the parts of your coffee business, there are just as many ways to elevate your brand with custom stickers and custom labels.

StickerGiant Coffee Label Examples


More on Custom Coffee Labels and Stickers

Stickers and labels are an important part of your brand’s story, and you have opportunity around every corner! Whether it’s on the bag of beans you’ve roasted, the easy-to-tear paper safety label sealing your baked goods and ready-to-eat items, or stickers on sale at your merchandise counter near your to-go mugs and t-shirts, you have the chance to get your branding done from the start with the help of StickerGiant’s custom stickers and labels.


Custom Shaped Labels for Coffee Bags Available from StickerGiant

Matte Labels for Your Roasted Beans

Nothing says “pick me!” like an on-trend label featuring your brand’s product front and center. Matte Labels provide a popular look to stand out on the shelf. From simple square shapes to a custom cut option, your labels will look as fresh as your roast on your product.


Custom Shaped Labels for Coffee Available at StickerGiant

Glossy Labels for Cold Brews and More

Whether you’re hand-labeling your cold brew bottles, kombucha, to-go cups, or iced tea, our Glossy Labels provide an option that help your bottled products sell. Plus, they do great with condensation and look fabulous for photographing when wet!

Custom Printed Labels for Coffee Shop Products from StickerGiant

Matte Recycled Paper Labels for Sealed Food Options

Ensuring that your food products are safely sealed is imperative for peace of mind for your customers. Providing a writeable, easy-tear option with our Matte Recycled Paper Labels will help your customers know that they’re the first ones to get their hands on your tasty eats along with providing space for you to write exactly what you need your customers to know.


Custom Printed Stickers for Coffee Customers from StickerGiant

Custom Stickers for Your Patrons to Represent Your Brand

Die-hard fans of your brand are everywhere - are you making sure they can represent you wherever they are? With a custom sticker from StickerGiant, your brand enthusiasts will be able to slap your logo on their favorite insulated mug or water bottle, on their car or bike, on their at-home bean jar, or on their laptop while they’re sipping a cappuccino in-house. Choose Die Cut Stickers to have next to your register, or select Kiss Cut Stickers for a stackable option you can display next to other merchandise. Either option is a win for your brand!