Maker and DIY Stickers and Labels

Showcase your candles, plants, water bottles, and more!

From custom candles to water bottles, plants to any handmade product, your work as a maker deserves to shine! Show off your work for your DIY projects with custom stickers and labels from StickerGiant.

Custom Labels for Makers and DIY at StickerGiant

More on Maker & DIY Labels and Stickers

You’ve taken the time to curate an awesome small business, producing items for your storefront or online shopping experience. It’s time to upgrade from printable DIY labels to professional products to showcase your work. Why not save yourself time and money, taking one thing off your plate and printing your custom stickers and labels with StickerGiant? (Pro tip: check out a label applicator, or try your hand at a DIY label maker’s applicator to make labeling any round products a snap!)


Custom Shaped Labels for Candles

Glossy Labels are Classic for Candles, Clothing, and Everything DIY

Glossy Labels (which include Clear Labels!) are a simple but bold statement for whatever product you’ve made! Use a Glossy Label on a hang tag for clothing, or try candle labels in Clear to showcase what’s inside for your customers. With custom size and shape options, you can make your products stand out with Glossy and Clear Labels!




Custom Shaped Labels for Plants

Matte Labels Create Maker Magic

Looking to elevate the look of whatever you're labeling? Look no further than Matte Labels! Matte lamination gives a soft touch and the ability to write on them with permanent marker, helping you to differentiate what products are inside (and allowing for blank options to get more bang for your buck!) Try them out on a body care product like lotion or oils for a contrast to what’s inside the bottle, or on a terra cotta planter to match the soft feel.


Custom Printed Labels for Notebooks

Die Cut Stickers for Water Bottles, Laptops, and More

From round to oval, square to totally wild and custom, Die Cut Stickers offer our classic crack-and-peel backing, free laser die cuts, and incredible outdoor durability for your products. Send them to your customers from your custom sticker shop with pride knowing that they’ll be able to slap them to whatever surface they want, from laptops to water bottles and more!



Custom Printed Stickers for Cupcakes

Kiss Cut Stickers for Maximum Stacking Abilities

Are you planning to order loads of stickers? How about stacking them at a storefront, or keeping them neatly organized at your at-home maker station? Kiss Cut Stickers offer the ability to neatly keep your items piled together with a backing that’s slightly larger than the sticker itself. You can also keep them on rolls and utilize wall space like peg boards to keep them organized!