Paper Labels For Food Products are a Tamper-Evident Option for Safe Packaging

Examples of Custom Paper Labels for food and candy products with pizza boxes and bags of candy - stickers and labels printed by StickerGiant

Custom food labels tell us the important information we need to know about our food, including nutrition facts, serving sizes, ingredients, and any allergy warnings. Any information that helps us as customers decide what foods or beverages to purchase is found in the labels and packaging. This packaging tells us the important information we need to know about our food, including nutrition facts, serving sizes, ingredients, and any allergy warnings. 

Tamper-Evident Labels for Delivery and Curbside Pickup Uses


Paper Labels are finished with a UV-cured varnish that is rated safe for food packaging. Since these labels are not laminated, they can also be torn when you want them to be and are excellent for adding a tamper-evident seal to your food packaging.




  • Delivery is becoming more common than ever, especially with many delivery services stepping in to help more restaurants enter this side of the market. Paper Labels are a great way to seal pizza boxes, the bag the food is delivered in, or even the containers of food individually. A quickly applied label can easily reassure your customers you care about the safety of their meals.
  • You can use Glossy Paper Labels with your existing to-go containers, for an easy way to adapt what you are already using. Food labels are commonly designed to wrap around the packaging for a built in tamper-evident quality. When customers open your products, this type of label will show it’s been torn open and act as a safety seal.
  • Ordering food ahead and getting it to-go is growing in popularity, and now many restaurants offer curbside pickup with designated parking spots to make this an even easier option for customers. Custom labels can be used to seal, and brand the packaging for all of your to-go items keeping them sealed until they are safely picked up by customers.
  • Matte Recycled Paper Labels are printed on a satin smooth material that is easy to write on. Include open elements in your designs where you know you will want to customize the label for each product you package. Use a permanent marker or ballpoint pen to mark packaging date, weight, flavors, a customer’s delivery details, or more.


Other Types of Labels for Food Products

We love Paper Labels for the tamper-evident quality, though sometimes it’s nice to have a label that will not tear, or is more resistant to oils and liquids. Glossy, Matte, and Clear Labels have a laminated finish, making them more resistant to oils and liquids and will not tear easily.


Graphic-of-Laminated-Product-Labels-on-a-glass-bottle-of-juice-labels-printed-by-StickerGiantGlossy Labels are finished with an indoor durable laminate for added durability against oils, liquids, and other residues found in the food packaging process. Matte Labels have the same durability as Glossy Labels, but are finished with a smooth matte lamination. These labels are great if you need to package multiple food products with the same design, or want to personalize the same design with unique information, such as a customer’s name and pickup information.





Clear Labels are amazing as a bottle label and have the same durability as our other laminated product labels. With a crystal clear material, these labels let your product show through, along with your logo and product details.