Custom Product Labels & Stickers

Rolled Labels and Stickers are an Easy Way to Brand Your Products and Business Quickly

There are a number of stickers and labels that are quick and easy to apply to your products for an effective branding tool wherever your products travel to. Our custom product labels are always printed on a roll for easy application. Kiss Cut Stickers can also be printed on a roll, and work well as logo stickers accompanying your brand and products.

Examples of Custom Stickers printed on a roll and some with perforations between stickers by StickerGiant


Glossy White, Matte, Clear, and Paper Labels Labels can be used in multiple fashions. These custom labels will resist water and oils, while giving your products a professional and consistent look.

Our Custom Product Labels are finished on a roll, making it easy for you to label your products, quickly. If you plan on working with a label application machine, just let us know which direction you need your labels to be oriented on the roll, and we’ll take care of it for you. You can look at our Custom Product Labels page for more information on the different options you have when it comes to how your labels can be oriented on the roll.

Here's a bit more on our top recommendations for custom product labels:

Glossy White Labels Great for Product Labeling

Glossy White Labels

These labels help to add an extra shine to any product. They are printed on a white polypropylene so these labels offer a solid background behind your design. This type of label is ideal when you have bold colors in your artwork, or want the label to stand out against dark products. 


Clear Labels for Product Branding

Clear Labels

This type of product label is ideal when you want the product itself to show through. We often see these labels used for juices, beard oils, and products that stand out on their own with or without labels. 

If you have recently purchased new Clear Labels, you can check out our page on how to apply clear labels for some helpful tips.


Matte Labels from StickerGiant

Matte Labels

Our Matte Labels are finished with a smooth matte laminate that reduces glare and brings a high-end appearance for product packaging. We often see Matte Labels used as custom gift labels, address labels, and more.



Paper Labels

Paper Labels are always finished on a roll for easy application by hand or with an application machine on a wide variety of products. These custom labels are digitally printed with a full color process for amazing detail in your designs and brand. After printing, Paper Labels are finished with a UV cured varnish that is safe for food packaging, making them an ideal option for grab and go food products. Choose from a Glossy or a Matte Recycled material to get the perfect style for your brand.



For times when you need more versatility in your labeling options, Kiss Cut Stickers can also be finished on a roll. Our Kiss Cut Stickers are digitally printed with full color, and are also outdoor durable with a UV laminate. These stickers look great as product labels, and at the same time can be shared with your customers and fans as logo stickers in nearly any setting.

Kiss Cut Stickers Available on a Roll from StickerGiant



When you are plan on using Kiss Cut Stickers for labeling your products, just let us know you need them finished on a roll, and we'll take care of it for you at no extra charge!

We can also finish your Kiss Cut Stickers on a roll with perforations, which is perfect when you want your stickers to pull double-duty as branding handouts, and product labels. Keep them on a roll for labeling your products, or use the perforation to quickly pull your stickers apart for easy stacking or handing out with purchases or at events.