Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Stickers


How do I log into my account?

Click the log-in button at the top right side of our website. Enter your email and password associated with your order to log into an existing account. If you are having trouble logging in, click the reset password link or reach out to our Customer Success team for further assistance. If you would like to see more, click here.

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What should I expect when I’m reordering stickers or labels?

When you reorder an item from a previous order without changing the size, product type, or artwork, this means we don’t need to make changes to the proof you already approved. In these cases, we will send your order straight to the printer, without you needing to approve the proof again.

And yet! Sometimes you need to make a few changes when reordering an item, and we get that too. When you change the size, the type of product you need, or you change your artwork file, we’ll set up a new proof for you to approve, so we can make sure everything looks good to you before your order is printed.

If you added any new stickers or labels to your order, you will always receive a proof for anything new you are adding to your order.

Your Sticker Here

Have questions about custom stickers?

We get a lot of questions here, whether it's what kinds of stickers we print, what is the cost, how do we ship, where to find design help, and more. We're here to make your custom stickers awesome, after all every sticker has a story and we want to help you tell it. We've collected some of our favorites, and most useful questions here as you start your own sticker story

Your Shape Here

Do you make custom shaped or die-cut stickers?

Yes. Your sticker project can have a unique shape. Custom Die Cut stickers come in 2 basic varieties:

Digital Laser Cut Economical, Best Image Quality, Protected with UV resistant lamination. Stickers and labels begin production at the next available press slot and then are shipped to you!

Just Your Size

What's the largest size sticker you can print?

The largest size we can print is 14" x 11" but this can vary based on the type of sticker, or label, product you are looking for. 

Big or Small

What's the smallest size sticker you can print?

Because we require minimum 1/8" inset margins, the smallest sticker we can print is 0.50". At that size, there is not too much that will fit on your sticker. The minimum point size of text we're able to print without issue is 5pt.


Can you print just 10 stickers?

Most of our products start with a minimum order requirement of 125 stickers per design. There are different minimum orders on our different products, so let's discuss what product you need to determine the minimum order.

Standard Sticker Sizes

What's your standard size sticker?

That will vary a little bit depending on the type of product you're ordering. The sizes listed during the order process are the most common sizes we see requested. For more help in sizing your custom sticker, download one of our custom sticker templates.

No Sticky Residue

Can these stickers be easily removed without leaving any residue?

All of our stickers, labels and decals will leave some residue, even the removable or repositionable adhesive. The longer the sticker, label or decal is on the surface, the potential for residue being left behind grows. However, with a little elbow grease and all-purpose cleaner, you should be able to remove the adhesive.

How Much Do Your Stickers Cost

How much do your stickers cost?

That all depends on the artwork, shape, size, material and quantity you're looking for. You can get standard digital pricing on our website, or for anything else, you can get custom pricing from one of our custom sticker specialists.

Best Price Point

What's the best price point?

That's a tricky question to answer. It always will depend on the type of product, the shape, size, and quantity you're ordering. And with all of our products, the higher the quantity, the lower the unit cost.

Discounts on Stickers

Do I get a bigger discount if I order a higher quantity?

We currently offer discounts to returning customers by occasionally sending out special email offers to customers who have opted into getting updates from us. Our pricing is structured with different price break points, so the unit price on higher quantity orders is less than the unit price on lower quantities. When you add more than one item to your cart, you will also receive an automatic multiple item discount that will increase your savings every item you add. 

Customer Discounts

Do you offer a first-time customer discount?

We don't currently offer a specific first-time discount, however we do offer return client discounts, which are adjusted throughout the year based on certain promotions. Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media to get the most up to date promotions.

Do You Accept Purchase Orders

Do you accept Purchase Orders (PO’s)?

We currently collect payment when the order is placed, so we don't accept purchase orders that get paid at a later date. Feel free to contact us about this.


Can you give me terms?

We do not offer payment terms. We ask for payment upon order. Our acceptable forms of payment are credit/debit card, PayPal and check. If you have questions related to this, let us know!


Do you ship to Canada?

Yes. And we offer FREE shipping to Canada too!

How Fast Can I Get My Stickers

How fast can you get these stickers to me?

Each of our products have a different production time. Check out our Production Time and Turnaround to find the estimated turnaround time for the products you are interested in. 

Split Ship Blind Ship

Can you split ship? Can you blind ship?

Unfortunately, we do not offer split shipping. However, we can blind ship, just let us know that's what you want.

Build Your Final Files in Adobe Illustrator

What size should I build my final artwork in Photoshop or Illustrator?

When building your document, please make the document page size .25” larger in the height and width. This will account for the .125” bleed required on all sides for accurate trimming. Do not worry about putting in trim marks, color bars, etc. Our prepress department will take care of those items for you and send you an electronic proof to approve prior to printing.

Rich Black

Should I use flat black or rich black when designing my project?

Building rich blacks can add a great look to a piece, which also helps during the printing process as well. The rich black build we use is 40C 30M 20Y 100K.

Send Files to SticketGiant

How do I send my files to StickerGiant?

We offer the ability to upload files directly to our website or you can email them to us. However when files are larger than 25MB, we recommend using a service like Hightail or DropBox.


Can you match the color you see in my image?

With our digital 4 color ​process stickers, we can get to within 95% accuracy on color matching. Learn more about color matching.

Adjust artwork

Can you make adjustments or add bleed to my artwork?

We can make most adjustments needed to almost any artwork. Learn about our simple artwork guidelines.


Can you make changes to my order?

You can make changes to your order up until you approve your proof. After you have approved your proof, we'll send your order to be printed (and we do this fast!), so any changes we make after this time will cause delays in your turnaround time. 

Will the ink run off in the rain

Will the ink run off in the rain?


All of our stickers are finished with a waterproof laminate. Most of our labels are finished with a water resistant laminate, and will also be resistant to most oils once applied.

Can you match my colors

Why didn't my color come out like I wanted (expected)?

Whether the artwork is a Pantone spot color or a color build of cyan, magenta, yellow and black - there are a few factors in getting color to print the way it is expected. The color builds in a file are not always represented correctly on a computer, or device monitor, because all monitors are calibrated differently. The color build in your file might be set up to print CMYK (4-color process), even though you wanted to print a specific Pantone color. There are some colors printed in CMYK (4-color process) that have the tendency to shift slightly when printed, reds and blues tend to shift more than yellows, browns or greens; unless, we have a specific Pantone color that we are aiming to print. The more specific on what type of color build you require for a custom sticker design, the more accurate the printing will be.

Your Beer Here

Can you print a label for a beer bottle?

Totally. In fact, we have some really cool can and bottle label products. Brewers love using our stickers for their growlers and various of types of product uses. There's nothing like getting your branding perfect on a label that travels far and wide. For more information, check out our Custom Printed Bottle Labels page.

How four color process works

Your quote says 4-color process but my design has 8 colors. Does that mean you won't print some of the colors in my design? Which ones?

4-color process does print with only 4 inks, however the way that the patterns are created with those 4-colors allows us to print just about every color available, and should look just like a full color photo, so all of the colors in your design will print. Check out this page to learn more about our different color processes for printing custom stickers.

How many colors can I have in a design

How many colors can I have in my design?

The maximum amount of colors that we can print depends on the type of product we're printing. There are limitations on the amount of colors if we're printing spot colors. However, the maximum amount of visible colors that we can print with our full color process is fairly unlimited. The patterns of the 4-color process allow us to print just about every color available.

What margins should I use

Is a 1/8 inch margin and inset necessary? Is there any wiggle room?

After a lot of sticker printing, we've determined that having the 1/8" margin is a standard we can guarantee not having anything cut off of your image. There is a little bounce of the material through the press and cutting machines and we're confident in the 1/8" margin. With some designs and product types margins can be as narrow as 1/16". Let us know and we'll take a look at your design and see if it will work with the product you have chosen along with the size and shape. To learn more, check out our artwork guidelines page

Spot colors versus process colors

"Spot" colors versus Process colors, what's the difference?

Spot colors are pre-mixed inks and only use one ink fountain. Process colors are four ink colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black), which are printed together on one sheet in a distinct pattern that enables the eye to see thousands of shades of colors. There are quality and cost advantages to using process colors and to using spot colors, depending on the job.

CMYK color mode

Should my print files be sent in CMYK or RGB mode?

All print files should be in CMYK mode as this is the mode required for the printing process. If we receive files in RGB mode, we'll need to convert them to CMYK, which may shift the colors some.

Your Shape Here

Are your custom stickers opaque?

While stickers can be an option for covering up things, the white polypropylene material we use is not 100% opaque. If you need an opaque sticker, just let us know.

Can I see examples of your stickers?

For sure, we have sample packs that you can request from our site. For more information go to Get Sample Packs.

Do you have a different question about custom stickers?

Feel free to contact us. We are available Monday through Friday, 7am to 5pm MST. We look forward to working with you.